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Waterproofing Solutions

Water is capable of causing huge damage to the structures that we build if it is not kept under control. Bondlast understand the many problems associated with keeping water where is should be. We offer water tight solutions for all the important areas in any home and business (all based on water based liquid polymer technology). Whether it be for ground water control (positive hydrostatic pressure), for waterproofing decks, parapets, swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, or even decorative finishing of concrete slabs (inside or outside); Bondlast can provide a specification to keep water in or out.

Contact us about our COMPLETE WATERPROOFING APPLICATION SYSTEM undergoing BRANZ® testing.

Waterproofing Product Range

Flexi-Seal PUD

Flexi-Seal PUD is a light blue, water-based polyurethane modified flexible waterproofing membrane. It is fast drying and UV stable, and can be recoated in as little as 4 hours in optimal conditions. Flexi-Seal does not require the use of any reinforcement, and is ideal for waterproofing of shower recesses, bathrooms, laundries, balconies and decks.

Part of the Flexi-Seal waterproofing system, in conjunction with Universal Primer, Butylseal, and RLA ceramic tile adhesives

You can complete a Waterproofing Registration here.

If you would like to become a Flexi-Seal Registered Waterproofer or require a waterproofing renewal, please contact with your details.

Flexi-Seal 2-part

Flexi-Seal 2-Part is a high aluminate cement/acrylic, 2-part flexible waterproofing and sealing membrane. It is ideal for waterproofing wet areas, shower recesses, balconies, terraces, water tanks, swimming pools etc. and will handle limited flexural movement.

  • Contact RLA Technical Support for Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets

Butyseal Tape

Butylseal Tape is available in a range of sizes: 80mm x 15m, 150mm x 15m, 500mm x 15m, 25mm x 37m, and ‘Manhole’ 16mm x 3.81m, as well as specialised corner pieces for both internal and external corners.

Commercial WPM

Commercial WPM is a fibre reinforced waterproofing membrane it is suitable for use both internal and external waterproofing applications.

  • Contact RLA Technical Support for Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets

RL 20 Hydrocoat Grey

RL 20G is a grey two-part water-based epoxy sealer for concrete, masonry, fibrocement and other cementitious surfaces. RL 20G may be mixed in equal parts by either weight or volume.

  • Contact RLA Technical Support for Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets